Episode 389

Study in Prayer - January 26 - Stay in the World

Scripture of the Day:   

John 17:15

“…My Prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one.”

Stay in the World – Don’t Let the World Stay in You

Yesterday, we talked about the importance of staying on constant state of prayer. Praying about the big things, yes. But also praying about the little things. What to wear. What to eat and things like that.

The purpose, is to train our spirits to remain sensitive to the leadings of the Holy Spirit. And the only way to do that is be doing a couple of things and doing them consistently. First, read the Word of God every single day. A couple times per day, if you can. But at least start with once per day. Amen! Even if it is only for 15 or 20 minutes. 

That will begin to give God access to your spirit through His Word. Amen

The second part of that is praying. Actually taking the time to pray to the Father, in Jesus Name. Ask Him to guide you throughout the day. Ask Him to show you what do. Ask Him to make you sensitive to His promptings.

Then, the third thing, is just like we talked about yesterday, PRAY. But not just the big decisions you are facing. Pray about the small stuff. What to eat, what wear and things like that. If you start to pray and seek His guidance in the small stuff, you will begin to actually “hear the Holy Spirit” as He is speaking to you and guiding you – in the small stuff.

What this does, is it prepares you to immediately hear His voice when the big decisions are needed. And, many times, He will talk to you when you least expect it. Some of those times, you will not even know it was God speaking to you, prompting you or guiding you until after the fact.

Have you ever done something and you felt that, “Don’t do that” down on the inside of you? Many people say it is your conscious. But it is your spirit man reacting to a prompting of the Holy Spirit. Want proof?  If you went ahead and did what the prompting said NOT to do – and the results turned out bad – what is it most people usually say?  “I knew I wasn’t supposed to do that…” or something similar, right?

I mentioned you will be able to react immediately to the big things. Even when you do not comprehend it is God guiding you. Let me tell you a quick story…

On September 11, 2001, 911, Pastor Dan Stratton was pastoring a church right across the street from the World Trade Center towers. On his way into the office, he usually arrived at 8am, the Lord brought to his remembrance that one of his parishioners had been sick and unable to attend church for a few weeks. So, he “decided” to stop by this brothers home on his way into the city just to check on how he was doing.

That one decision, kept him away from the tragedy that would have happened soon after he was scheduled to arrive at his office.  See what I mean?

Dan did not think, “Oh Holy Spirit, thank you for warning me not go into the city today because of this great tragedy that is about to happen…”  No, he simply obeyed a prompting of the Holy Spirit that did two things. One, he was able to check on a parishioner that had been sick, and two, it kept out of harms way.

But Dan was not the only person that happened to that day. There were parents that “DECIDED” to stop at McDonald’s and have breakfast with their kids that morning (something that they rarely did). Even though it would cause them to be late for work by a few minutes. 

There were others that had flat tires that morning that caused them to miss their subway ride into the city and they would be late by about 45 minutes. There are stories after stories like this.

The death toll should have been close to 20,000 people in those towers – or more!  But instead, tragic as it was, only 2600 perished. 

That is what I’m talking about… amen!

Now, Jesus told His disciples, and us, that His desire was NOT for us to be taken “out of the world” – because that would mean we could not ministers to those IN the world and lead them to the Throne of Grace, Mercy and the Forgiveness of sins. His will was simply for us to be PROTECTED from the evil one. Amen!  That is what happened enmass, on 911 in NYC. 

And this not just an isolated event. I’ve heard hundreds, if not thousands of testimonies very similar to this over my 25+ years in ministry. It is simply a matter of being sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit – and you that by training yourself to PRAY and be in PRAYER in some form or fashion all day long – yes, even in the little things. 

That way, you are able to minister to others, often without you or they even knowing your ministering to them. Amen. Because you are IN THE WORLD but NOT OF THE WORLD. Glory to God.

Until next time, this is Pastor Bob Thibodeau reminding you from 1 Thessalonians 5:17 in the Living Bible to “Always Keep on Praying!”  Be blessed in all that you do!

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