Episode 402

Study in Prayer - February 9 - Usher in the Glory

Scripture of the Day:   

2 Chronicles 7:1

“When Solomon finished praying, fire came down from Heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices, and the Glory of the Lord filled the Temple.”

Usher in the Glory

Did you know it is possible for believers today to usher in the Glory of God in our church services? Absolutely! I’ve been involved in one such instance myself. I’m telling you – it is something that you will never forget!

In Old Testament times, the Bible says the Glory of the Lord would fill the Temple where the people were praying. We can read all about this instance in 2 Chronicles 5:6-7 & 11-14. But, in accordance with what we have been teaching on these past few days about united prayer, I want to look at verse 13 in particular…

2 Chronicles 5:13, “It came to pass, AS THE TRUMPETERS AND SINGERS WERE AS ONE, to make ONE SOUND to be heard in PRAISING AND THANKING THE LORD, and when THEY LIFTED UP THEIR VOICE AS ONE with the trumpets and cymbals and music and praised the Lord saying, “For his is good; for his mercy endures forever…” That THEN the house was filled with a cloud, even the house of the Lord.”


And, at the end of that service, not only was the House filled with the cloud and Glory of the Lord, but FIRE fell from Heaven and consumed the sacrifices, as we read in our scripture of the day! Praise God!

Have you ever experienced that?

NO?  Really?  

Well, I wonder why not?

Like I said, I’ve experienced a couple of times. Only a couple. Not the fire coming down from Heaven part – but the Glory Cloud coming into the sanctuary. 

The first time was at our Bible School and a great man of God named Dick Durbin was teaching. He was teaching on the Altar of the Lord and these scriptures. It was almost a week he was there as a special guest. And the last service is when he was teaching on this and about the burning of incense and the praise and music as we just read about…

Well, our praise team was singing, the band was playing and the students were in reverent worship…and then…almost imperceptible at first, but you could see “something” was happening…

A cloud started to descend from the ceiling down towards the altar of incense that was a representation of the real altar (obviously it was not THE Altar…amen). But it visibly descended and surrounded the altar and then started to slowly spread out through the auditorium and within about two minutes, people were sobbing and crying out praises to God…and it continued for about 30 minutes. It was the most awesome prayer experience I had ever, and I mean EVER, experienced in my life! 

I get goose bumps just talking about it. To be in the actual presence of the Lord like that…

The second time was several years later in a conference. We did not have a duplicate altar or anything like that in the conference I was in. But the praise and worship and the united prayers that were being offered were similar in nature and…unexpectedly, the same type of cloud started to descend from the rafters and did the same thing. It seemed like “fingers” of the cloud just sought each person out – me included. 

The results were the same…Some were praising God while others just fell to their knees and sobbed, not sorrowful sobs…but repentant sobs and gratifying sobs of KNOWING they had been forgiven…it is so difficult for me to explain in words…but the experience is unforgettable.

I imagine, just thinking of it right now, that must  have been something similar to what the disciples experienced in the Book of Acts on the Day of Pentecost. Something to think about anyway…

My point I’m trying to make today is that UNITED prayer can bring God’s presence on the scene. It may not be a physical experience as described here in 2 Chronicles chapter 5 or chapter 7. It may not be the type of experience I’ve described to you that I’ve been a part of. Those were only two instances where I experienced an physical presence of the Lord in visible and spiritual form. 

But I have experienced His presence in numerous situations in my life, as I’m sure you have as well. 


Because He dwells WITHIN each of us, as believers. He is as close to you as your heart beating in your chest. Amen!

But, the point being, DO NOT discount the power of praise. Do not discount the effect of group prayer and praise. Do not discount presence of the Lord in your life or the Power of God to change any situation you are in. Amen!

I want to pray for the presence of the Lord to be manifested in your life…in whatever situation you are facing today. Amen. It may not be a physical manifestation, but He will show up and you will know it when He does. Amen. Let’s pray.

Until next time, this is Pastor Bob Thibodeau reminding you from 1 Thessalonians 5:17 in the Living Bible to “Always Keep on Praying!”  Be blessed in all that you do!

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